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Cosmetic Tattoo

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself

Enhancing your natural beauty and creating yourself is something Emma is passionate about.

Cosmetic tattooing creates a natural effect, while being water proof, smudge proof, colour corrective and semi-permanent you can’t go wrong!

Cosmetic tattooing can transform your natural features/beauty by enhancing definition of your eyebrows, lips and eyes.

Prior to any treatment’s an interactive comprehensive consult is conducted to ensure Emma achieves your desired effect while building rapport and your trust enabling you to make your own judgement for yourself on Emma’s passion and artistic ability.

Why Cosmetic Tattooing?

To achieve a brighter natural effect, which is perfect for those who don’t want to wake-up early every morning to do their make-up.

Cosmetic Tattooing:

  • Creating symmetry
  • Enhance your features
  • Fills in the gaps from hair loss
  • Produces definition
  • Enhances Fading lips.

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing is also referred to as Mircropigmentation/microblading.

It is the safe controlled placement of pigmentation/colour into the dermis layer of the skin, allowing the instant definition of facial features such as eyebrow’s, eyeliner and lips.

It is long lasting, however, individual result vary and eventually over time (1-5years) the tattooing will start to fade due to metabolism, cellular turnover, initial post care and environmental factors.

Note: it is not legal in Australia to advertise these procedures as ‘permanent’.

Is Cosmetic Tattooing painful?

At Refresh Medi Spa & Hair we use a prescribed topical local anaesthetic that significantly reduces the pain with clients stating that the procedure was a pain FREE experience.

Whether it’s a natural affect, block or ombre, we can cater the service to you.

Cosmetic Tattooing services available are:

Eyebrow – Feathering/Microbalding, Ombre and Block Tattooing

Eyeliner both upper and lower lids:
Sick of applying eyeliner every day or having it smudge throughout the day, then eyeliner tattooing may be the answer you are looking for.

Lip tattooing:
Wanting to define your lip boarder or replace/add to luscious lip colour without having to touch up throughout the day, then cosmetic tattooing has got you covered.

Scares or lost pigmentation can be covered or added to produce natural luscious lips.

Our cosmetic tattoo artist has successfully helped ladies who have had to deal with partial loss of their lip including the border, therefore losing definition of their lips due to medical issues. Recreating the clients natural lip shape and has assisted the clients to love their lips again and boost their confidence.

Cosmetic Tattooing Lips

Cosmetic Tattooing Lips

Cosmetic Tattooing Lips

Cosmetic Tattooing Lips

Cosmetic Tattooing Eye brows

Cosmetic Tattooing Eye brows

Cosmetic Tattooing Eye brows




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