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Acne Treatment

 Currently Acne is estimated to appear in some form in approximately 80% of adolescents!
So you are not alone!

There many factors that result in the presence of acne

• Heredity
• Hormonal factors
• Increase sweating and humidity
• Very high glycaemic index
• Excess occlusive and oily cosmetics
• Androgen steroid abuse
• Endocrine disorder
• Poor quality/oily cosmetics

Have you been struggling with acne?

Here at Refresh we have a variety of acne treatments to suit all skin types, whether you’re suffering from adult acne or adolescent acne, we can help!

All our therapists work closely with our owner Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner Michelle who has completed a Diploma in Dermatology, through the Australian Institute of Dermatologist.

The aim of acne is to control the outbreaks before scaring occurs, however if scaring is an issue we can reduced your scarring to smoother skin.

At Refresh we tailor the treatment plan to suit your skins needs with our treatments being drug free and skin friendly.

We understand that acne can have more than a physical effect, it can also be damaging to your self-esteem, which can impact on so many facets of your life, including socialising, playing sport, work and so many more.

Which is why we have developed these treatment plans to help you look and feel your best 24/7.

Wanting to find out more? Book in for a skin consultation now.

During the consultation we will conduct a full skin analysis to evaluate your skin needs at a deeper level, not just the top layer of the skin.

Once we have gathered all the relevant information we can then provide you with individualised treatment plan including products prescription to complement and enhance your treatments and results.

Restore Your Confidence

What causes Acne:

Acne develops when the sebaceous glands produce an oily material, as the sebaceous cell matures, dies and fragments, it then combines with cells in the hair follicle that are moving to the surface of the skin as sebum, which in non-acne skin results in natural lubrication for the skin.
Acne develops when a blockage occurs in the follicle canal, it combines with resident bacterial flora P. acnes. The increased number of cells block the opening at the surface of the skin, causing the follicle to enlarge, the walls become weaker and the follicle can rupture into the dermis. The body reacts with an inflammatory response causing redness and swelling.
Factors that are believed to contribute to acne.

Early treatment is key in preventing scarring.

Sebaceous Gland Ablation (SGA), is a safe non-medicated successful treatment, where the sebaceous gland is destroyed using a gentle electric current and once the gland is destroyed it is unable to cause ‘break outs’. SGA is conducted on active glands to ensure that the problem causing gland is targeted. The skin has many sebaceous glands, therefore destroying overactive glands does not cause any problems with skin lubrication.

This treatment can require a few treatments however is 100% drug & hormone free!

It is advised to gain the best results out of your customised treatments, that Cosmeceutical & prescribed skin care is included in your routine.

Quality cosmeceutical skin care with enough active ingredients, assist in targeting your skin concerns. Products include AHA cleansers, exfoliates and vitamin A are essential in your journey to obtaining and maintaining healthy skin. Ensuring that a comprehensive skin analysis is conducted by qualified practitioners/therapist.



Member Pricing

15 MINS $168.00

30 MINS $216.00

Non Member Pricing

15 MINS $210.00

30 MINS $270.00

At Refresh we specialise in a non medicated acne treatment, which is heat based that target the sebaceous glands that are producing excess sebum resulting in pimples & blackheads.
Generally most clients require a few treatments, to ensure we treat the sebaceous glands during the various phases, other factors that effect results and treatment times include hormones, skin care/regime.

Refresh Medi Spa & Hair Membership

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Plus TWO monthly gifts:

20 min LED Light Treatment- programmed to specifically suit your skin needs.

Assists in skin rejuvenation
Assists in the treatment of acne and dermatitis

Up-grade to include Hyaluronic face mask while enjoying the relaxing LED Light Treatment for just $30

Hot Towel Hair treatment suited to your Hair Condition.

The Hot Towel Hair Treatment is incredibly relaxing but also increases the benefits of your customised hair treatment. Value of gifts from $60

Every new member receives a Skin & Hair consultation, Dermal Planning, Product Prescription, plus TWO Skincare kits (Starter Kit and Post Care Kit).

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